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Criminal Defense – Adult and Juvenile


Seth represents adults and juveniles in all types of cases, from serious felony charges and OUI’s to simple misdemeanors. He is an experienced trial attorney and has an outstanding record for achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.

Since 2011 Seth has been a member of the Co-occurring Disorders Court which is a problem-solving court for people with mental illness and addiction issues and has won the Outstanding Advocate for People with Disabilities Award. When his clients struggle with issues around addiction and mental illness, Seth's experience allows him to understand their needs and help them to resolve their legal problems in an effective way that helps them get through the criminal justice system and towards addressing those issues.

Seth has been a vocal proponent of restorative justice, not just for juveniles, but for adults as well. He has pushed courts and prosecutors to recognize the role of restorative justice as a way of holding the offender accountable while giving the victim and the community a voice in the process and a way to heal.


Seth’s clients trust him and know that he will be a strong advocate for them. He has earned his client’s trust by relentlessly advocating for their rights and by doing so in a manner that is respectful of all participants involved.

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September 15, 2016, MPBN
Maine Calling: Restorative Justice
     "Restorative justice is gaining more and more followers and making the news across the country. We discuss this system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large and how it is playing out in Maine.
     Guests: Seth Levy, trial attorney who has represented clients involved with restorative justice(...)"

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